​Personal de Telecafé se capacita como Técnico en Realización de Audiovisuales

The agreement made with the Seine, It aims to update videographers, reports, producers and program managers on the concepts of audiovisual proposals; this Saturday 20 de mayo se realizará la proyección de los productos realizados por las personas que participan de la actividad académica.

"Since my arrival at Canal I interpreted the need to constantly update and train all staff, why we seek this agreement with such an important entity and is recognized as the Seine, and we now begin to see the fruits, These people perform an audiovisual documentary shows and audiovisual proposals, which fills us with pride and obviously look for ways to boost ", He said Gloria Beatriz Giraldo Hincapie, Telecafé manager.

The agreement aims to combine the experience of team work and academia Telecafé. The presentation will be in the auditorium of the Seine Milton Gaviria Manizales, with the presence of directors of the Seine and the Canal Regional.

Giraldo Hincapie explained that in coming days the date of the first class which aspires to be known to graduate 28 people, only Manizales.

Harvey Juan Gutiérrez, Channel sportswriter Telecafé, locative highlighted and given by senior management facilities schedule for the academic process.

"Everything has been collaborative and personally is an excellent opportunity to acquire knowledge, so that we as employees can have the necessary tools for audiovisual products and actualize ", manifestó Gutiérrez.

Similarly, the manager noted that a similar process is advanced with personnel Pereira where 14 people are participating in the Technologist Audiovisual Production, which he started the beginning 2017 and it lasts for about two years.

Telecafé personnel are trained technician as Audiovisual Production