Masiva convocatoria para el casting de Diveti2

Young almost all the coffee places were present at the announcement made by the Telecafé Canal to put his talents to account and be the new presenter Diverti2.

According to the report of the evaluators were presented at the event about 70 people between 20 Y 30 year old, to be the new presenter Diverit2.

during a 5 hours each candidate was going to a personal interview and a test presentation which was to study a small booklet in which were assigned a stipulated time for study and then go before the cameras.

According to Mariana Llano, Channel presenter and who started in the program kukli kukli, Current presenter of the youth program area 53 Jury and casting, "They had to consider many points as attitude, personal presentation, improvisation, present, charisma and interaction with children, body expression, verbal and management of cameras.

Responsible for choosing the future child presenter strip are, the program director, production equipment and production manager of Telecafé.

Moreover, the program producer Diverti2, Juan Camilo Arias, He said he was very pleased with the attendance and participation of many young people who left everything on stage and showed the whole attitude and talent that has the Coffee.

The choice of host will be announced during this week, because at this time they are in the process of analysis and selection.

"We continue creating opportunities for community outreach and talent found in the region, We are pleased to have recorded a large turnout of participants, it realizes that people feel identified with our media ", said the manager of Canal, Gloria Beatriz Giraldo Hincapie.

Mass casting call for Diveti2