Allegedly responsible for slaughter captured in Riosucio

In the last hours to authorities they proceeded to capture 3 persons identified as allegedly responsible for the death of 3 members of the indigenous reservation in Riosucio San Lorenzo, Caldas.

From the moment the news came, members of the Sijín and the Office of Caldas known fact that those responsible were close to shelter, so they conducted raids in place to find signs like scratches made one of the victims attackers, which entered the home for the purpose of stealing, according drafts.

Officials said two of those arrested are miners and the third has a sentence of house arrest as payment for a seven-year sentence for the crime of illegal arms bearing. At a press conference Caldas Police said two of the attackers belong to the indigenous community and one of them was a retired military.

The victims of these men are three members of a family: César Arturo Diaz Tapasco, from 32 years, coordinator of the College of San Lorenzo (Riosucio), and his parents, Maria Gabriela Tapasco Good, from 52 years, and Serafin Diaz Guevara, from 63. A woman's, from 30 years, managed to escape.

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