Quidío former governor accused of corruption

Seven corruption charges, the former governor of Quindio, Sandra Paola Hurtado Palacio, two former officials of his administration and two company executives contractors Inalcon; They must be submitted to justice.

The CTI of the Prosecutor captured former officials: Jhon Edward Parra Peña, former director of financial and administrative analysis of the Government of Quindio; and Jhon Faber Quintero Olaya, former secretary of judicial representation and defense of the Government of Quindio.

In Bogota, CTI also captured José Carlos Vergara Mendoza, contractor works and legal representative of the company Inalcon and Sandra Forero Jannette Simijaca, deputy manager and legal representative of Inalcon. According to research, four people, between former officials and contractors, They would be involved in alleged irregularities in awarding five (5) contracts worth $20 billion pesos, in which he would have presented the payment of bribes to public officials for more than three billion pesos. According to research by the Prosecution, "Signature Inalcon, did not have the fitness required by law and that would have caused difficulties in the development of contractual process, so the contracts were transferred and subcontracting allowed, figures that were prohibited in the legal clauses ".

The prosecutor identified five contracts in which bribes were paid: A contract worth $5.324 million pesos for the construction and restoration of water supply and basic sanitation works in municipalities Córdoba, Filandia, Genoa, Quimbaya and Salento, affected by the La Niña phenomenon in 2010 – 2011. Two maintenance contracts and recovery of tertiary roads in Armenia, Buenavista, Calarcá, Circasia, Córdoba, Genoa, Montenegro, Pijao and Quimbaya, worth 12.858 millions of pesos. An agreement for the construction of kindergartens in Quimbaya and Calarca, They are amounting to 2.498 millions of pesos.

The prosecution said have "good physical and testimonial evidence that realizes many irregularities in the process of selection and award these contracts. All were held by the same builder, as well as previous consultancies, structural diagnostic studies, analysis of seismic vulnerability, structural design and other additional requirements "; everything change 15% of the contract. According to the prosecution, the former governor of Quindio, Sandra Paola Hurtado Palacio; two contractors and executives Inalcon, They have allegedly committed crimes Agreement without compliance with legal requirements, undue interest in the conclusion of contracts, Embezzlement by appropriation, Malfeasance per share, By giving or offering bribes, falsifying a public document and aggravated criminal conspiracy and therefore be brought before a judge guarantees control.

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