Productores de televisión y universidades del Eje Cafetero pueden acreditar miembros votantes para los premios India Catalina

The Regional Cana Telecafé has been nominated for awards in India Catalina version number 34 in the categories best children's program and better competition Diverti2 or "reality" program Passion Café. Universities in the region and production houses have the chance to vote for your favorite products.

That's why Telecafé respectfully makes the invitation to register on the platform of voting members of the India Catalina Awards (

Production houses in the region may credit up to three of its employees who have 7 years of experience each in the fields of TV producer, Librettist of Televisión, Art director for television, Director of photography for television, TV conceptual Editor, music producer for television, technical staff for television, Television actor, Television and CEOs.

Similarly universities can demonstrate up to two academic experts on television with seven years of experience in the area of ​​certified teaching on issues related to Television.

In the case of Youtubers and / or digital influencers must have two years minimum experience with weekly publications in its official channel.

In the registration process for voting members only need to climb the platform a photo in jpg format document type, jpeg o png, Maximum of 2 megas and document certifying their relationship with the institution in formats jpg, jpeg, png o pdf.

Next link details the process,, It is simple and only takes a few minutes. We invite you to support the regional industry and its products Canal Telecafé postulates, Diverti2 and Passion Café

TV producers and universities in the coffee can prove voting members for India Catalina Awards