Sintonízate con Pantallas activas por Telecafé

Thanks to the transmedia project proposal and multiscreen, Active screens, comes alive not only on the TV screen, also invades the computer, the Tablet, cell and classrooms. Because we have enabled the senses to learn about television, audiovisual creation and video games in the coffee!

The Serie: Juan Ramirez, so passionate gamer audiovisual, runs the coffee resolving the concerns of students to the world of video games, television and audiovisual creation. But John does not travel alone, accompanied by his unconditional friend SACC, an operating system that complements and corrects through 13 chapters, where in addition to learning they will enjoy typical and unmissable places in each city.

Through the website and social networks in the series photos are shared, videos, Additional boomerang that expose the adventures of Juan, SACC, equipment and guests during the construction process Active Screen.

SACC IN THE CLASSROOM are 26 teaching guides that allow Active Screen adventure is not completed in the digital world but can also live in the classroom, through workshops, exercises and activities that encourage students to enter these scenarios from everyday life critically and consciously.

ACTIVATE YOUR SCREEN, It is the application, type trivia, which allows secure what has been learned during the series across multiple questions that were seen in each chapter and allows challenge peers to see who knows more TV? Who knows more games?

Active screens is a universe that brings to the table an issue: How critical we are about what we consume every day on television and video games?

Active screens, every Tuesday and Thursday at 4:45 pm.

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