Telecafé abrió convocatorias para apoyo a la creación de contenidos audiovisuales

Son 10 invitations to bid for the creation of five documentaries, three series of fiction, a cultural program and a competition program.

According to the statement made by the manager of Canal, Gloria Beatriz Giraldo Hincapie all have close the 23 May 2018 At three in the afternoon.

"The proposals do not arbitration for the production and realization of two series of fiction for public family and youth of 5 chapters 24 minutes each have a support ($255.238.725) VAT included, Selected proposals will be the most creative, original and convenient for the Canal, according to the objectives of Telecafé and public television. We are also invited to submit proposed a series of fiction 4 chapters 24 minutes each for ($204.190.980) VAT included", He detailed the same manager.

Channel directive stressed that there are also call for the production and realization of three documentary series of thirteen (13) chapters on sports in the Coffee, Ethnic minorities and social inclusion, for which the institution has an official budget of up to ($91.000.000) VAT included, for each series and is backed by the certificate of budgetary availability, issued either by the budget of Telecafé.

Invitations trading include proposals for documentary field, Coffee Cultural Landscape and strangest professions and trades, extreme by the curious $78.000.000 Y $91.000.000 respectively.

This year Telecafé disposed of ($160.000.000) VAT included for the production and realization on behalf of sixteen (16) chapters 52 minutes each contest program that seeks to identify the talents of popular music in the Coffee.

The official estimated budget includes all direct and indirect costs and general taxes and administrative costs incurred place. proposals are not taken into account whose value exceeds the official budget.

Full details and conditions are available on the following link which specifies each of the proposals:

Telecafé opened calls for support for the creation of audiovisual content