Telecafé busca presentador

Channel presenter casting held in the city of Pereira to be part of the new program to be broadcast from the capital.

Those interested can contact to resume the street 17 No. 10-22, Ciudad Victoria, first Thursday of February at eight o'clock.

"They must be professionals in Social Communication and interviewing skills and perform media reports. For more information you can contact the email preproducció[email protected]”, detailed coordinator Production and Programming, Ana Milena Alzate.

In turn the manager of Canal, Gloria Beatriz Giraldo Hincapie, He anticipated that this process is part of the new programming proposal for bringing Telecafé 2018.

"We are opening the space to regional talents, We expect a massive turnout and hopefully we get along good surprises with talent who will be part of Telecafé ", highlighted Directive.

Telecafé looking presenter