Telecafé estrena la producción Escuela para padres

The new program will be broadcast Channel every Tuesday at four in the afternoon and is led by the renowned presenter Mabel Kremer.

school for parents is an informative program cut Magazín, which seeks to provide the families of the coffee region, educational strategies to improve family relationships, to understand the children at different stages, to overcome difficulties in raising and especially to strengthen the values, con la ayuda de especialistas, as pedagogues, psychologists, family counselors, doctors, and educators from the three departments that are impacted by Telecafé, explicó Kremer.

El programa está dirigido a todos los padres, mothers, grandparents, family members and caregivers who are responsible for minors in any stage of development, that is to say, desde el embarazo hasta la adolescencia. Teniendo en cuenta que las etapas del desarrollo de un niño son cuatro, the idea is to impact viewers with each.


Telecafé production premieres Parent School