Telecafé seguirá fortaleciendo la Industria en el 2019

During the most recent meeting of Regional Administrator Telecafé held in Pereira innovation productions it stood out big bill.

During the management report highlighted that for the duration 2018 it had superior resources to 8.900 million pesos for investment in production and programming, of which 26% They were destined for production through calls, he 24% Special projects, he 15% in co-productions and 35% in own productions. "For investment in technological infrastructure it was had a budget of 2.709 million pesos that allow operational strengthening, as well as updating and maintenance of our production equipment, emission and transmission ", He explained Gloria Beatriz Giraldo Hincapie, Telecafé manager.

During the same meeting the financial strengthening was highlighted, thanks to the new business line Telecafé. "The adition of 43.921 million pesos for the year 2018, It corresponds to contracts signed with the Ministry of Education, quiz, Employment Service Unit, Minambiente and Special Projects ANTV, increasing by 256% compared to the initial budget ", said Directive.

For the year 2019 you have a projection of technological investment 3.200 millions of pesos. "The investment will focus on newsgathering equipment, the mobile unit and broadcast equipment and post-production ", Ocampo said the engineer Carolina, Technical Coordinator and innovation.

Similarly, it was reported that the budget is projected for Telecafé 2019 in 21.000 millions of pesos, marked by transfers of ANTV and New Business Line.

In programming for 2019 visits will strengthen municipalities, and content for digital platforms and social networks.

Telecafé continue to strengthen the industry in the 2019