Telecafé transmitirá el “Gran debate presidencial, El Eje Cafetero Elige”

The alliance led by media, guilds and universities managed to summon the presidential candidates for the Coffee Debate, to be held in the city of Manizales, It is 18 April 2018. The transmission will begin at 11 in the morning and you can follow the signal Telecafé, Canal social networks through @canaltelecafe and

Para el Gran Debate Presidencial la entrada es libre pero el acceso limitado (to complete the quota available) the Founders Theater.

Telecafé ordered a large technical and human resources to carry out the production and transmission of the debate will be moderated by renowned journalist Judith Sarmiento on behalf of Canal, Nicolas Restrepo, director of the newspaper La Patria and presenter Telecafé News, Ruben Dario Gaona.

"We are pleased to deliver to viewers and the people of the region a debate height, as those who have already been registered in other regions. The coffee is very important for the development of Colombia, candidates know this and why are facing the community to discuss, present ideas, proposals and that the people of this region make the best decision ", Gloria highlighted Beatriz Giraldo Hincapie, Telecafé manager.

The debate will take place thanks to the strategic partnership between the newspaper La Patria, Caracol Radio, RCN Radio, the Chamber of Commerce of Manizales by Caldas, The Founders Theater, the Intergremial Committee Caldas, Manizales How Come, Civic Corporation of Caldas, Sum alliance (University System of Manizales) y Telecafé.

"Then we invite all the people to tune Telecafé, this Wednesday 18 April from the 11 in the morning and listen to the proposals that have the presidential candidates for Colombia and especially the coffee ", Manager concluded.

Telecafé transmit the "Great Presidential Debate, Choose the Eje Cafetero "